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Aloo Palak Recipe- For a Super Healthy Lunch

It is said that green leafy vegetables are great for keeping one active and healthy, but not everyone loves eating these “ghass phoos”. Spinach or locally known as “palak” is one vegetable that can be cooked with variations, pairing up with meat and other veggies and turning out to be not just healthy, but finger-licking good.

So, here is a quick recipe for Aloo Palak, a pure vegetarian dish that goes back to the times of the Indian subcontinent, and till date has become a popular household item to be served either with chapatis or rice.

Ingredients Card:

Ingredients                                     Quantity

Spinach (palak)                             ½ kg (washed and sliced)

Oil                                               ¼ cup

Onion (chopped)                           2 medium sized

Tomatoes (chopped)                    2 medium sized

Potatoes (4 quarters)                    2 large

Garlic                                            1 teaspoon

Red Chili Powder                         1 teaspoon

Salt                                           Add to taste

Turmeric                                        ½ teaspoon

Yogurt                                        3-4 tablespoons

Milk                                                 ½ cup


  • Wash spinach thoroughly before cooking to remove chemicals and dust.
  • When cutting spinach, look closely for any half eaten leaves or worms that should be discarded.
  • Chop of the stems and use only the leaves for cooking.


Slice spinach (palak) and wash thoroughly.

(Tip: Those who find it a little bitter and bland can boil spinach before cooking. Draining the water will help reduce the stronger taste)

In a pot heat oil, add the chopped onions and let it fry until slightly pink in color.

Add tomatoes, salt, red chili powder and turmeric and wait for the tomatoes to soften.

Also, throw in some garlic either chopped or crushed (as per your requirement) and stir.

Once soft, add spinach (palak) and fry it for 5-7 minutes. Also, add milk and yogurt, and continue frying until all the water evaporates.

Next, add potatoes and fry them for 1-2 minutes, add little water and place the lid. Let it simmer on low heat until the potatoes turn nice and soft.

(Tip: Adding milk and yogurt makes the spinach nice and soft, giving it a creamy texture)

If there is any water left in the pot, turn the flame high and stir the aloo palak until all the water evaporates and the oil can be seen on top.

(Tip: Add chopped green chilies for extra spiciness)

Dish out it and serve with “garama garam chapatis” or boiled rice.

(Tip: If you want it to look and taste like “degi”, add more oil and spices that will definitely lift the taste for you)

Additional information:

This recipe is good enough to serve 2-3 people at one time. Prepare this super healthy dish for lunch and you’ll remain energized all day round. Aloo Palak has a low caloric count so, if you wish to decrease the oil content; it’ll become even healthier of a dish to consume.

For people who run away from green, leafy vegetables, try out this super easy and delicious Aloo Palak recipe and we promise, you’ll be licking your finger at the end of the meal!

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