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Biscuit Crunch Pudding

Crunchy, sticky and heavenly delicious, this biscuit crunch pudding recipe will give your traditional Eid recipes a tough competition.

Celebrate this “methi eid” with a sweet dish that is non-traditional, easy to prepare and pleasantly surprise your guests with flavors that are unique yet tempting.

Ingredients card:

For biscuit crunch:

Almonds (crushed)                                 1 cup

Lotus/Marie/Hide n Seek biscuits            15

Bread slices                                             4 (remove the sides)

Butter                                                        25 grams

For cream:

Dream whip powder                                 2 sachet

Cream                                                      1 and ½ packet

Condensed milk                                        2 tablespoons

Milk                                                       ¼ cup


For crunch:

In a pan, add butter and melt.

Add crushed almonds and stir for a minute or two.

Add the bread slices (tear them in small pieces by hand) and crushed biscuits.

Roast all the ingredients for 10-15 minutes, until everything becomes crunchy and aromatic.

For cream:

In a big bowl add dream whip powder and milk and beat.

(Tip: if you don’t have dream whip powder, than you can use normal whipping cream. If

you are normal whipping cream than in that case do not use milk and increase the amount of condensed milk)

Next, add condensed milk and beat till the mixture becomes creamy.

Divide the beaten cream in two parts.

Crush some more biscuits and add it in one half of the cream.

For assembling:

Layer the serving tray with the roasted crunchy almond and biscuits mixture.

Then add the plain cream layer.

Add another layer of almond and biscuit mixture.

Now add the biscuit and cream layer.

Repeat all the layers and refrigerate once done.

The biscuit crunch pudding recipe is all set to be served and enjoyed.

Additional information:

Because this biscuit crunch pudding recipe has a lot of different textures and layers, it makes it one heavy sweet dish to be served. One bowl can easily serve around 4-5 people, enjoying every bite of crunchy sweetness in it.

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