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Crispy and Soft Macaroni Rolls With Mango Lassi to Energize Your Day

Ramzan is a time when you get to experiment with quick snack recipes, ones that can easily be stored and used later when needed. When you have gotten tired of the traditional pakoras and chats, try out this delicious macaroni roll recipe that will surely make your day tasteful and scrumptious.

These rolls are a dream come true for all the pasta lovers and if you wish to make it even more appetizing and rich, add some cheddar cheese and fry away. This macaroni recipe will become your children’s favorite snack to eat and yes, it can easily be stored in the freezer for much longer!

Ingredients Card:

Chicken (boiled)                 1 cup

Macaroni (boiled)               2 cups

Potatoes (boiled and mashed)     4 (medium sized)

Green chilies (chopped)    2-3

Salt                                 To taste

Chili flakes                          1 tablespoon

Cumin seeds (zeera)                    1 teaspoon

Coriander powder                          1 tablespoon

Chopped green coriander                        2 tablespoons

Soya sauce                                     2 tablespoons

For coating:

Egg                                             1 (beaten)

Bread crumbs                                 2 cups


In a bowl, take boiled and mashed potatoes, add boiled macaroni and shredded chicken.

(Tip: Take macaroni of smaller size and boil until completely soft so the rolls are easy to bind together)

Next, add soya sauce, green chilies, coriander powder, chili flakes, salt, green coriander and cumin seeds and mix well.

Wet your palm with water or little oil and scoop out the material to make rolls.

Now, coat it in the egg first and dip in the bread crumbs.

Heat the oil in a pan, and once hot, fry these rolls until golden brown.

(Tip: You can add cheese or any other ingredient of your choice)

Serve them with your favorite dip or ketchup and enjoy!

Additional information:

This macaroni roll recipe makes around 8-10 rolls easily which can be enjoyed by 2-3 people at iftari time. You can add cheese or any other ingredient of your choice to create your own variation and gain applause.

Mango lassi- Energizing and refreshing

With summers comes the season of mangoes, a rich, gooey and juicy fruit loved by all. This ramzan, pair up macaroni roll recipe with this quick mango lassi recipe and make your iftars delightful and enjoyable.

Ingredients Card:

Milk (chilled)            2 glasses

Yogurt                      half glass

Mango (peeled and cut)    1 (large sized)

Sugar                       To taste


In a blender, add milk, yogurt, mangoes and sugar. Blend until smooth.

(Tip: Add ice while blending to make it chilled and cold)

Pour into glasses and serve.

(Tip: you can add more yogurt and less milk to make it rich and healthier)

Additional information:

This mango lassi recipe can fill 3 glasses to the top and is definitely a healthy drink to be consumed in iftari. Not only is it refreshing, but a complete meal packed with nutrients that will keep you active and healthy throughout ramzan. Whenever you feel low, just prepare this lassi and enjoy. Apart from iftari, if you think you wish to have something super healthy for suhoor, this lassi is definitely the best choice.

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