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Monsoon and Eid al Adha has never been a great combo, especially in Pakistan. Here in some cities of Pakistan, the drainage system is at its worst. Monsoon rains were in full swing which extremely heavy spells in many cities of Pakistan which have caused flooding in different parts of many cities. Furthermore, all the trash on the streets started to flow with water and obstructed the drains due to which roads were covered with water. All of these things made people worry about the slaughtering of their animals. Moreover, if the blood of slaughtered animal mixes up with rainwater, bacteria and viruses are expected to be developed because of it causing a lot of infections. Well, there are some steps that can be taken to prevent the spread of such harmful diseases by animal slaughtering. Here is how you can do it;

1) Cover the blood of animal with sand

An extremely important and most effective way of preventing the spread of diseases is to not let the blood of freshly slaughtered animal mix with rainwater and you can do it by covering the blood with sand as soon as the animal is slaughtered. Doing so would make the blood absorb in the sand completely which would prevent the arousal of bacterial and viral infections. one all of the blood is absorbed, this sand can be dumped easily underground and no life would be risked. You can also get your animals slaughtered in grassy areas as the blood can be absorbed there easily as well. If everyone follows this preventive measure, the environment of our beloved city this Eid al Adha would be fresher and safer than we are expecting.

2) Don’t leave animal filth on the roads

Animal filth can cause uncountable deadly diseases. People tend to leave their animal’s filth and intestines right on the roads without even thinking that how harmful they are for the environment. Take the animal filth to the area where these wastes are decomposed without adversely affecting the environment so that you keep your area clean and safe for everyone.

3) Clean the area after meat cutting

Once your animal has been slaughtered and its meat has been prepared. Make sure you clean the area using floor cleaners and scrub it well to remove every single particle of it that can cause diseases. Use antibacterial floor cleaners and wash the area with water at the end. All of these preventive measures won’t be effective unless everyone in our society follows them. It is not a thing to be followed by a single person only. Working as a team would bring greater and better changes that would be safer and healthier for everyone. These aforementioned preventions are something that is not too hard to follow so, try to do these things and acknowledge others about these measures as well so that more and more people stay safe this Eid al Adha. Also, doing so would also be good for the environment of our motherland.

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