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Dodh Dulari Sweet Dish

For the last few years, dodh dulari has become an important part of Pakistani wedding menus where every guest simply tempted to fill their plate over and over again with this sweet beauty.

Make your Eid special and celebrate with your loved with one by trying out this amazing dodh dulari recipe, a dish that will be remembered for decades to come by.

Ingredients card:

Milk                             2 kgs

Colored vermicelli             ½ cup

Corn flour                            2 tablespoons

Condensed milk                 ½ cup

Mixed fruit cocktail           1 can

Strawberry jelly                   1 packet

Banana (green) jelly           1 packet

Orange jelly                        1 packet

Khoya/Qalakand/Rabri      ¼ kg

Fresh cream                       1 cup

Gulab jamun (small)           100 grams

Chamcham (small)          100 grams

Sugar                                  ½ cup or to taste


Pour milk in a pot and bring it to boil.

Once boiled, add sugar and colored vermicelli (rangeen sawaiyan) and cook until the vermicelli becomes soft.

Take half cup of chilled milk, add corn flour and mix.

Now gradually add corn flour in the milk and vermicelli mixture and stir continuously to avoid the formation of lumps.

Once the custard has thickened, add condensed milk, stir and switch off the flame.

Dish it out in the serving bowl and set aside.

Then add cream and mix.

Add different colored jellies, gulab jamun and chamcham.

(Tip: Follow the recipe on the box of jelly to prepare it)

You can also add almonds and dry fruits, even chocolate and raisins it you wish.

Refrigerate and serve chilled.

Additional information:

This dodh dulari recipe can serve 5-6 people and will surely add more sweetness to your special occasions.

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