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Dum Qeema Parcels With Watermelon Slush

Dum Qeema Parcels Recipe for Ramzan

One cannot stay away from deep fried items during ramzan. As much as these are known to be high in calories and not good for health, Muslims still love having one or two deep fried items in their iftar menu.

For those who have gotten bored of spring rolls, pakoras and alu k samosay, here is dum qeema parcels recipe that will make you fall in love with every bite of it. Not only is the recipe easy, but very delicious and tempting.

Ingredients Card:

For filling:

Beef qeema/chicken (Mince) ½ kg

Yogurt ¼ Cup

Kacha papita paste  2 tablespoons

Ginger garlic paste  1 & ½ tablespoons

Coriander powder    1 & ½ tablespoons

Red chili crushed   1 teaspoon

Garam masala powder   1 teaspoon

Red chili powder   1 tsp or to taste

Turmeric powder      ½ teaspoon

Salt    1 teaspoon or to taste

Lemon juice     2 tablespoons

Green chili (crushed)     2 tablespoons

Onion fried     ½ Cup

Mint leaves (chopped)      ½ Cup

Oil               For cooking

Koyla (Charcoal) for smoke

For dough:

Maida (All-purpose flour) 2 Cups (sifted)

Salt   ½ teaspoon

Ajwain ½ teaspoon

Ghee 2 tablespoons

Water 1 Cup or as required

Oil for frying


For filling:

In bowl take chicken/beef mince. Add salt, yogurt, raw papaya, ginger garlic paste, coriander powder, crushed red chili, red chili powder, turmeric powder, lemon juice, green chilies, mint leaves and fried onion and mix well.

When well combined, leave it for 30-40 minutes for marination.

(Tip: The longer you marinate it the better will it taste)

Now in a pot add some oil and heat it up.

Add the beef/ chicken mince mixture and cook it well.

When the it is completely cooked with the water all dried up, place hot charcoal inside it and give smoke for 2 minutes.

(Tip: Put koyla on flame and let it burn until red in color. Next inside the pot place a small piece of roti or slice, put on the koyla and add a few drops of oil for the smoke to rise and place the lid immediately)

For dough:

In a bowl sieve maida and add salt and ajwain.

Add ghee and mix.

Now add water gradually and kneed dough. Grease it with ghee and let it rest for 20-25 minutes.

Kneed the dough again, flat it out with a rolling pin and cut it into two equal parts.

Make small balls, flat them out and with the help of a cutter, cut out round shapes.

For assembling:

Now, take a small round, add the mince filling in the center and fold in the corners. Use water to bind them and insert a clove.

Fry them or bake them until golden brown and serve with ketchup.

Additional information:

These dum qeema parcels recipe may sound experimental to many but once tried, you’ll never get bored of it. this dum qeema parcels recipe can make around 8-10 parcels and are heavenly delicious.

Watermelon slush drink- The best Summer drink

Pair up your dum qeema parcels with this exquisite and refreshing watermelon slush recipe.

Ingredients card:

Watermelon Half a melon

Lemon         5-6

Water                  As required

Sugar                 To taste

Ice cubes                      As required


Squeeze the juice of 5-6 lemons.

In a blender add watermelon, sugar, lemon juice and water (as required).

Now add ice cubes and blend until you achieve a slushy texture.

Pour it in a glass and your watermelon slush is ready to be served.

Additional information:

Using this watermelon slush recipe you can easily serve 3-4 people. Because the fruit in season right now, why not make the best of it.

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