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Health in Pakistan has been a major problem since the past few years. There has been a drastic increase in the rate of health problems in Pakistan which are leading to new, different and many dangerous kinds of diseases. Moreover, the health care system in Pakistan doesn’t have any finances and better economic conditions due to which we are unable to save the lives of many people.

However, improvements have tried to be made but those were not sufficient enough to overcome the problems. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Pakistan is listed in third place in the world when it comes to the rate of infant mortality.

People living below the poverty line are more than 60 million in Pakistan. These people earn very less amount of money with which they cannot even meet their basic necessities of life and if they get affected with any of the diseases, most of them pass away because of lack of financial aid to get their treatment done.

The local government hospitals in Pakistan and in worse conditions which do not have qualified doctors and nurses. Moreover, they also lack the latest types of machinery, so they are unable to carry out bigger operations. The health sector in Pakistan has never been a priority to the government. Health in Pakistan has already become alarming and needs to be improved otherwise we are going to lose so much in the coming years.

Following are some of the most common disorders of health in Pakistan facing by people;

1) Dengue fever

Dengue fever is an advanced form of the virus that can even take the patient’s life if not provided proper treatment on time. dengue fever has taken lives of so many people of Pakistan especially those in rural areas as they cannot afford its treatment and there is no proper hygiene.

This dangerous viral infection is caused by a bite of a specific type of mosquito. It causes severe headache in the patient accompanied by fever and weakness.

The initial symptoms of dengue fever include; chills, migraines, and loss of strength. This happens because the level of white blood cells drops down in your blood when you are affected by dengue virus.

2) Malaria

Health in Pakistan is also affected by another common disease known as Malaria. This disease is caused when mosquito breeds or sit on dirty water or in unsanitary things and then bite a healthy person. Malarial patients are mostly found in villages as there is no proper cleaning system, people there live in an unhygienic environment which is why they are mostly attacked by such harmful viruses.

Malaria has been rated as one of the most common health issues in Pakistan and it can be fatal too if not treated on time.

Malarial mosquitoes are also found near drainages, standing water and in extremely polluted areas. So, if you live near such areas make sure you carry out all the safety measures such as keeping your house clean and sprayed all the time so there won’t be any chance for the mosquitoes to enter and infect anyone in your house.

3) Cardiovascular diseases

In Pakistan, there is no concept or emphasis on exercising, staying fit and eating healthy and that is why people even young people suffer from heart diseases. They consume an unhealthy diet and never think about exercising which affects their heart in a negative way causing cardiovascular diseases.

4) Cancer

Cancer, one of the deadliest diseases has also contributed to poor health in Pakistan. The two most common types of cancer that are widespread all over Pakistan are lung cancer and breast cancer. Due to lack of medical facilities and awareness, more than 40,000 women lose their lives every year because of breast cancer. Whereas, lung cancer is caused by excessive smoking which is very common all over Pakistan. However, cancer patients are now getting good treatment in Shaukat Khanum cancer hospital which provides free treatment to cancer patients with qualified doctors and the latest technologies. But, people who don’t have such a facility in their areas lose their battle with life.

5) Diabetes

Another reason for poor health in Pakistan is bad eating habits and poor quality processed food which causes diabetes in most of the people. There are no proper basic health units in Pakistan to aware people about these things which is why most of the people fail to treat their diabetes.

6) Hypertension

The economic crisis of the country, higher rates of everything, lack of job opportunities and much more results in depression and stress among so many people. This extreme stress leads to hypertension. Approximately 20% of Pakistanis are suffering from hypertension. This needs to be treated as soon as possible or else can lead to many severe problems like heart and kidney diseases or stroke.

7) Asthma

As Pakistan has extreme pollution so it would definitely affect people of the country. Poor pollution causes asthma in many people. These people are allergic to smoke, pollution, and dust and hence face difficulty in breathing when exposed to any of these. However, no permanent cure for asthma has been found out yet but proper treatment can help out the patients in living a healthy life. But, people in backward areas don’t have knowledge about this disease and hence can’t get proper treatment for it.

These diseases have been threatening people of Pakistan for many years. Health in Pakistan cannot get better unless there are proper campaigning and awareness programs against such diseases.

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