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Ramadan is the most awaited holy month by Muslims all around the globe. Every Muslim wants to gather as many blessing as he could by doing good deeds and socially helping others in Ramadan. You can help the needy and the poor by doing small deeds of kindness. If you want to know more about how to socially help people in the holy month of Ramadan, read below to find out more;

1) Provide iftar and suhoor to those who cannot afford it

Instead of spending your money on useless things, think carefully and look for such people who are out of food for iftar and suhoor. They could be people who are working day and night to provide shelter and food to their family but stay hungry themselves, people working alone in an unknown city to support their family or these could be people who roam around the city and beg from people to provide something to break their fast. Make sure you find such people and provide them a plate of sandwich, bread, and fruits.

2) Care for those who care about you

Women at your home aren’t there for cooking only in the month of Ramadan. They have to pray as well so, don’t leave everything on them and be their helping hand so that the work is done much quicker. You can help your women at home by kneading the dough, cutting fruits or setting the table.

3) Share the food, don’t waste it

We have our tables full of different variety of food in iftar and suhoor meal and sometimes the food gets quite excessive which then goes into waste whereas, there are many people down on the streets who just had a glass of water or a slice of bread in their suhoor meal and are fasting with no sign of iftar meal for them. In such cases, your sharing would be a blessing for the poor and needy ones. Make sure you don’t waste food and share it with poor people and earn lots of sawab by the simplest deeds.

4) Never criticize anyone for not fasting

No one knows what the other person is going through and what are their reasons for not fasting. Maybe that person is hardworking labor or builder who has to work in the blazing sun that could result in dehydration during fasting. Don’t ever criticize them as you are unaware of the reasons. In fact, be kind to them and give them a few bottles of chilled water.

5) Collect funds and organize an iftar

Make a team and create a group or page where you could ask people to give out some funds. Once you have gathered enough funds, organize an iftar on the street where everyone is allowed to come and do iftar for free. This is a great way of socially helping those who can’t afford the iftar or are on the way to their home but couldn’t reach before time.

These are some very simple things that you could do in Ramadan and socially help people out there.

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