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Ramadan is a month in which you can spiritually make your family bond stronger. It is important to spend time with your family not only in Ramadan but outside Ramadan also. However, people usually get busy in Ramadan days and think about the ways to spend time with their families. Well, there is nothing to worry about because below are mentioned a few easy ways to spend time with your family in Ramadan;

1) Pray and eat together

The foremost reason due to which families are unable to make a stronger bond is that they don’t spend time together. Ramadan brings a great opportunity to spend time with your family because of the suhoor and iftar meal as all of the family members sit together at once place. So, when you sit on your iftar and suhoor table, make sure you communicate with your family as much as you can, share things with them, laugh together and eat together.

Also, you can spend time with your family by praying together. Choose a time of the day when everyone from your family is free and available, sit together and recite the Holy Quran. This also allows the family bond to become stronger and Allah almighty sends lots of his blessings on the people who spend time with their family while praying.

2) Teach your children

Children get really excited in the month of Ramadan and it is your duty to teach them about the basics of Ramadan such as;

  • Teach them about the virtues and blessings of fasting.
  • Teach them the importance of offering Salat.
  • Teach them about the big nights of Ramadan Kareem and why they are important.
  • Make them learn some childly dishes to prepare for iftar.
  • Tell them the importance of spending time with family.

3) Try to spend time with your spouse as well

 In the month of Ramadan, you are least connected with your spouse because you or they may be at work whole day and after iftar, there isn’t much time till you get to go to Taraweeh prayers. As a husband, try to appreciate them for their work and help them in preparing iftar and suhoor meal whenever you get a chance and as a wife, take care of your spouse’s health and enjoy their company while you both drive or walk to Taraweeh. And after Taraweeh, spend some time and share your routine with your spouse before taking a nap till suhoor. 

4) Go out for an iftar-dinner

Plan a dinner with your family so that everyone gets time to have fun in a different environment and talk to each other. Almost every restaurant offers iftar-dinner in Ramadan so, take time out and plan to go to a restaurant that everyone loves and agrees upon. You can sit together, talk together, have fun, pray maghrib prayers after iftar meal and then have dinner. In short, you will have a chance to spend a great time with your family.

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