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Meethay Samosay Recipe With Aam Panna Drink

Meethay Samosay Recipe

You known the traditional samosay to be scrumptious in taste, but what if you are told that something like methay samosay exist as well? Sound weird, right? But here is a methay samosay recipe that will completely change the way you think about your favorite snack. Try it and be pleasantly surprised!

Ingredients card:

For samosa patti:

White flour (maida)           ½ kg

Butter                                  3 tablespoons

Water                                  As required

For filling:

Oil                                       1-2 tablespoons

Khoya                                 250 grams

Raisins (kishmish)            ½ cup

Sugar                                  ½ cup

Coconut (freshly grated)  1 cup

Kewra essence                 Few drops

Almonds (chopped)          ½ cup


For dough:

In a bowl, add maida and butter. Gradually add water and knead dough.

For filling:

In wok, heat some oil, add grated coconut, sugar, raisins, almonds and a few drops of kewra essence.

Mix until the sugar has dissolved.

(Tip: Do not add excess of kewra essence or it will turn the filling bitter).

For assembling:

Take the dough, roll it out and cut it into rectangular shape.

From one corner, start rolling the patti inside, leaving a little edge that could be folded later.

Cone like shape will be formed and with the help of a spoon, add the filling.

Apply water on the left over edge and fold to bind the samosa.

Now, heat oil and deep fry until golden brown.

Your methay samosay are ready to be served hot.

Additional information:

For those who crave something sweet in iftar, this methay samosay recipe is the best one to satisfy their craving. For a healthier version, you can either air fry or bake them.

This recipe can easily prepare around 6-8 samosas.

Aam Panna recipe

With mangoes in sight, this king fruit is hard to resist and so, here is a aam panna recipe which is very tangy, refreshing with a bit of added sweetness to it. So for all the people who wish to experiment with something new, this recipe will definitely be a delight to try out.

Ingredients card:

Green Mangoes (kairi/ambi) 2 medium sized

Water 2 glasses

Mint ½ bunch

Sugar ½ cup

Roasted & crushed cumin ½ teaspoon

Black pepper ½ teaspoon

Ice cubes As required

Mango tang 2 tablespoons


Peel raw, green mangoes and add in water.

Add some sugar and boil until they become soft.

Now, add all the ingredients in a blender and blend well.

Pour in glasses and serve.

Additional information:

This aam panna recipe is very healthy and yum. The recipe is good enough to prepare 2-3 glasses and should always be served cold..

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