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Monday Diet Plan For Ramadan

It is the first day of the week after two days of holiday and people are usually lazier on Mondays because they have had two days of rest. Hence, it is obvious that more energy is required by the people on Mondays which they can get from their diet. so, here is the Monday diet plan for everyone who is in search of something that provides them enough energy to work throughout the day while fasting;


Your healthy and full of energy iftar meal of Monday diet plan includes;

1. Dates The best item that provides instant and so much energy along with all the basic and healthy nutrients required by your body. Eating at least 2-3 dates is compulsory in your Monday diet. 23 calories/date
2. Grilled chicken Grill a breast piece of chicken and enjoy it in your iftar meal. Chicken is full of proteins and other nutrients that improve eye health reduce cancer risk and boost metabolism. 284 calories.
3. Boiled corn Corn is a great source of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They provide energy, lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and are also healthy for the skin. Boil a bowl of corns and eat them along with the grilled chicken. 153 calories.
4. Mango milkshake Mango and milk both individually have lots of nutrients and health benefits so think yourself then when they both are combined, how nutritious the shake would be. Drink a glass of mango shake in your iftar meal. 171 calories.
5. Low spice Chana Chaat Chickpeas or chana have all the healthy nutrients. Eat a small bowl of chana chaat. 170-180 calories.


Your healthy snack meal for Monday diet plan is;

1. Apple Highly nutritious and tasty fruit that is full of benefits such as; makes up body blood, good for weight loss, good for heart, prevent cancer and also good for bones. Eat one medium apple in your snack meal. 95-100 calories.
2. Green tea Green tea is known as the healthiest beverage on this planet that has a complete package of health benefits. Drink a cup of green tea in your snack meal and burn some calories. Free of calories.


Monday diet plan has a great suhoor meal for you;

1. Vegetable omelette Vegetables are packed with beneficial nutrients and so is an egg. Prepare a vegetable omelette of 2 eggs and have it in your suhoor meal. Calories depend on the number of eggs. 72 calories/veggie omelette.
2. Whole grain bread It is extremely healthy and provides energy. Eat the break along with veggie omelette as they both make a great combo. 67 calories/slice.
3. Oatmeal Another day of oatmeal as it is the start of the week and you require a lot of energy. Make a bowl of oatmeal and you can also add fruits in it if you want and eat in your suhoor meal. 425 calories.
4. Yogurt and water One tablespoon of yogurt in order to spend your day without feeling thirsty is quite necessary and two glasses of water also to keep your body hydrated for the rest of the day. 59 calories/tablespoon of yogurt. 12 calories are burnt by one glass of water.

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