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Pakistan came into being by the struggle and bloodshed of millions of people. Quaid-E-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah known as Founder of Pakistan was the one who fights for the whole nation in Britsh court. In crucial times. Jinnah didn’t lose hope and always concentrated on the goals he wanted to achieve. All Muslims in India accepted the resolution on 23rd March 1940. 

Quaid-e-Azam was known as 

The Old Lion

 Pakistan came into being on 14th August 1947.  Quaid-e-Azam fulfilled the dream of Allama Iqbal. British and extremist Hindu tried every possible way to undo Pakistan. With the Help of Allah and the Struggle of Jinnah and all the Muslims Pakistan appeared in the world Map as a separate country.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah in his very first speech said that


The message was very clear that no one can capture or defeat Pakistan in the entire world. Jinnah was quite sure about the victory as many times he felt that Allah is with him. Chaudhry Rehmat Ali suggested the name Pakistan.  On 27th Ramzan, Pakistan became an independent state. 

 Problems Created To Undo Pakistan

There were many power’s of the world who didn’t want to see Pakistan as a country for which they started creating the conspiracies against Pakistan. 

Economic Problems

 Right after independence, Pakistan faces a lot of economic issues as India refused to give sufficient amount according to the agreement.

Here Liaquat Ali played an important role. He donated his entire property to Pakistan. Pakistan started moving forward and the situation of the economy was getting better. The prosperity and success of Pakistan didn’t get digest by some powerful people on the next side of the border. On April 1965, India announced a proper war against Pakistan.

According to the witnesses, Pakistani soldiers wearing a bomb belt laid under the Indian tank to protect their homeland.  This war was the world’s largest tank war. Indian army was powerful in the number but was defeated by the worshipper of Allah. 

People of Pakistan stood like an iron wall and clearly told the enemies that No Power on Earth can undo Pakistan.

 Separation of East-Pakistan

The geographical condition of Pakistan was very odd. There was no land route to go to East Pakistan. Enemies across the border wanted to break Pakistan into pieces. The first attempt was not successful but this time condition was not the same. Mujeeb ur Rehman demand for a separate country for bangalis. 

 On 16th December 1999 East Pakistan. This was a misfortune to Pakistan. The top reasons were

  • Pakistan didn’t get Muslim majority area’s. British didn’t give Kashmir ferozpur and other areas.
  • One of the reason was the distance between east and west Pakistan.
  • India played a vital role in the separation of East With the help of India Mujeeb ur Rehman created disputes in East Pakistan which lead to the separation.

Terrorism In Pakistan

 After the creation of Pakistan, many times international conspiracies try to capture or break Pakistan into pieces. The government supported the war against terror in Afghanistan. By this act, Many terrorist turn their gun towards Pakistan. The whole state got into the war situation. The terrorists were holding Waziristan, Gilgit, and many other northern parts of Pakistan.

Many international reports stated that soon Pakistan will turn into Afghanistan. Pakistan started a proper war against terrorism.  Pak- Army played a key role in the development of Pakistan.

Black Day

Many corrupt politicians and conspiracies weren’t able to destroy this land of Purity. this time coward enemy  Pak-army and Government made NAP ( NATIONAL ACTION PLAN).

Pakistan intelligence captured the serving Raw agent from Balochistan.

According to the agent International powers planned to separate Balochistan and Karachi. p

Golden Period of Pakistan

A golden period started with the entry of international cricket in Pakistan. PCB took a great initiative by launching the PSL in Pakistan. International players participated and played different matches in Lahore and Karachi.  Matches were very successful and security crises were all vanished away.

the government launched short programs for the youth. Courses are free of cost for the students. Many people will be able to earn by learning these skills.

Recently the air strike by Indian air force is the proof of clear conspiracies. Government and military set a great example by hitting both the Indian aircraft. The government had clearly told that they won’t tolerate any violation. 

The Present Army chief had clearly told that

“Pakistan knows how to defend his working boundaries”

According to a report, about 89 per cent of people are patriotic in Pakistan.

From the above situation, it is very clear that no power on earth can undo Pakistan. Pakistan got independence in the name of Allah.

“After every difficulty there is ease”

Pakistan is a peace loving country. People know how to defend their homeland.  President Imran Khan told in his speech that we don’t want war as we know that War will give nothing to any country. He further added that Pakistan does have the capability to defend and protect the homeland.

Hence the narrative of Pakistan is very clear. There is no doubt, that no country except Pakistan has faced such difficulties. In future, Military and People are ready to overcome from any sort of problems.

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