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Pakistan Education System

The base of any developed country is the enhancement of education. No community in this world survives without education. Pakistan education system is always important in the development of the country. The constitution of Pakistan clearly states that the government of Pakistan is responsible to give free educations to the children. After independence, It was declared that the government will provide free education to children from the age group  5 to 16.

The unpleasant situation in the country didn’t let the Pakistan education system to run properly. The government face many difficulties in the education sector. Mainly there are six grades of education level in Pakistan.

  • Pre-Primary
  • Primary
  • Middle
  • High
  • Intermediate
  • Bachelors

The literacy ratio of the country fluctuates due to financial disturbance. 58.69 per cent people are literate in Pakistan as per according to the survey conducted in 2014. The main purpose of the survey was to calculate the number of people who can read and write. There was almost a 20 per cent gap between the male and female education level. The graph of the male percentage increases to 60 per cent in 2014 while the women were 44 per cent literate.

Policy on Education in Pakistan

The education policy of Pakistan is totally based on the constitution.  The federal ministry of education with the collaboration of provisional government look after the education sectors. The federal government is mainly responsible for financing research and developments, accreditation and curriculum development.

The Pakistan education system is comprised of 31% private institutes and 69 % public institutes. Around 41,018,384 students are facilitated by these institutes. There are 1,535,461 teachers that are providing education in different institutes. The two main categories of Pakistan education system are

  • Secondary Education
  • Higher Education 

Secondary Education

Secondary education in Pakistan starts from pre-primary and ends on grade 10. SSC (Secondary School Certificate) certificates are given to the successful candidates who pass the matric board examination. Private and government sectors follow the guideline of the education board. 

Higher Education

Higher education in Pakistan starts from grade 11th and ends on grade 12th. HSC degree is awarded to successful candidates who pass the intermediate examination. The HEC board is responsible for regulating and conducting exams, releasing funds and verifying a degree. The undergraduate and bachelors program also comes under HEC.

Education Problems In Pakistan

The level of education in Pakistan is not as good as it was supposed to be. There are not much facilities for the youth to get the best education. The nine education policies made between 1947 to 2017 got failed due to lack of implementation. It was seen that the ground strategies weren’t according to the policies. The two main sectors of the Pakistan education system are

  • Government Sector
  • Private Sector

Government Education Sector

All government institutions get funds by the government of Pakistan. People who can’t afford private educations prefer government institutes. The quality of education varies from cities to cities. In the beginning, the Government sector was increasing rapidly and a high number of students were studying in a government school. The quality of education dropped down due to the lack of improvement. The top government universities are still providing the best education to qualified students. The top reasons that indicate the failure of government sectors are

  • The misuse of government funds and corruption in government schools
  • No implementation of rules and regulations
  • Lack of seriousness from the teachers
  • The old syllabus that isn’t sufficient to meet the latest education level.
  • No parent-teacher meeting to discuss the progress

Facilities provided by the government

  • Free Education
  • Free books and course for government students
  • Sports activities and prizes for the top 3 positions
  • Allowances for the pre-primary and primary students
  • Money prizes for the students who get 1st 2nd and 3rd positions

Private Education Sector

The abysmal level of government education boost the private sectors to come up with a new initiative. The private sectors are doing far better than the government sectors. To increase the abilities of the student private institutes raise the level of education by implementing new tactics. There are many institutes that are giving the best education to their students.

Facilities provided by the private sector

  • Implementation of full attendance of students in the classroom
  • Each and every student gets full concentration
  • Parent-teacher meeting held to discuss the progress of students
  • The British syllabus for the students to match the international level


  • The private sectors charge a lot of fees that is hardly affordable for the parents
  • High increasing fees yearly are also hectic for parents
  • Majority schools and colleges focus on the money rather than concentrating on student

Up-Coming Changes

The government had taken the initiative in education sectors to increase the literacy level. The flaws of Pakistan education system are pointed out by the education minister. The officials are working to sort out the issues to give a better education in all four provinces. Government currently launched the e-rozgar and youth program. The youth can get jobs by enrolling into these programs

The government officially launched a new policy which will be focusing on

  • Improving the quality of education in government sectors
  • Approaching the children who are not getting an education
  • Development of skills and management in youth
  • Uniform system of education with enhancement in government schools

The government had taken a good initiative to empower the youth and uniform Pakistan education system. The digiskill program is recently launched for all those students who want to learn the latest market and job grabbing tactics. The education reforms are important in order to achieve the goals. Government is taking good steps to improve the quality and criteria of Pakistan education system.

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