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Eating habits are changing all over the globe from simple staple commodities to multiplicity of food. This change can be the upshot of various socioeconomic and demographic factors such as living standards, education level, household size and structure, etc., or some other dynamics can also cause the shift in food habits like the availability of more diversified products to consumers and change in preferences. Pakistan is also facing such sort of alterations in food habits. However, Pakistani loves their traditional food and their spices.

Pakistani Cuisine Origin

Pakistan is blessed with cultural diversity and ethnicity which means its inhabitants can enjoy variety of dishes from different areas. Pakistani cuisine is the amalgamation of diversified regional cooking from Central Asia, most likely from Indian subcontinent and also the various constituents of Mughal legacy. Although, from past few decades Pakistani food has included a number of foreign recipes and blended them with their traditional cuisines, for instance Pakistani-Chinese cuisines, Pakistani-Italic cuisines, Pakistani-Mexican cuisines etc., and people here in Pakistan find these new revolutionized cookery methods and their taste irresistible.

Moreover, the drastic change has been seen in the cooking methods of traditional food along with a slight change in taste. Traditional food includes various vegetable recipes, wheat, rice, lentils, dairy products and meat. In past, the cuisines made from these commodities had homemade spices however, the method has been changed, nowadays, mix spices or masala mixes (ready to use spices) are used to make various dishes of vegetables, rice and meat.

Pakistani Cuisine Speciality

Pakistani food is famous for its spices and aromatic nature. The spices commonly used are chili powder, black pepper, turmeric, coriander, cinnamon, bay leaves, cloves, mace, nutmeg and cardamom but the usage of these spices differ from recipe to recipe and also vary according to the culture in various provinces. Although, religious prohibitions are respected deeply and only Halal food is being consumed like for meat, the lamb and chicken are used commonly but pork has been strictly abandoned. The diet in provinces has been modified according to their own customs and traditions. In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Baluchistan, the food is less spicy but in Punjab and Sindh, more spices are preferred. Each province has its unique dishes and recipes. In Punjab, Roti (Bread) is essential with curry, vegetables and meat recipes like siripaye, haleem etc. while in Sindh the spicy chicken recipes and sea foods are more famous. Furthermore, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, lamb is liked the most along with chapli kabab, tikka and karahi.  Baluchistan is more famous for its unique recipes of roasting lambs like sajji method.

Change in Pakistani Cuisine

The change of various cuisines not only came from foreign recipes but the restaurants in different provinces are introducing the dishes of other provinces. This internal fusion of food recipes is allowing people to taste the culture of different parts in Pakistan. The intermingling of cultures has a positive effect on Pakistani cuisine on the whole.

The major impact has been put upon by the fast food chain. The introduction of international restaurants like KFC, McDonalds, Nando’s and Hardees has made traditional food stand aside on some level. The young generation has magnetically influenced by them. However, the change has been observed more in urban areas while the people in rural areas are still inclined towards traditional food. The reason for the change in dietary habits can be the result of alterations in living standards. The advancement in technology has made people’s access easy to food i.e. home delivery and also recipes of international dishes are available online. From late 90’s, the fast food has taken over the traditional food which has also caused the dining habits to fade away because Pakistani culture was famous for dining out but now this custom is going away slowly.

Innovation In Our Cuisine

The blend of local recipes with foreign recipes is one of the best revamp of Pakistani cuisines. This unique characteristic has given people multiple flavored and delicious cuisines throughout the Pakistan. For instance, Pakistan-Chinese cuisines are most likeable here. It is the blend of Chinese non-spicy dishes (vegetable and rice) with Pakistani spices which gives it the exceptional taste. The good thing for this revolutionized food is that people (especially in urban areas) has came back towards vegetable and rice (traditional food) instead of fast food.  In the nutshell, over the past few decades Pakistan has introduced various foreign cuisines merged with its local food. In addition to that, the mixture of food recipes of different cultures within Pakistan has made Pakistani cuisine is one of the best diversified food.

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