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Pineapple Punch Recipe- Refreshing and Tasty

Summer is just round the corner. So, what can be done to beat the heat? Nothing can prove to be better than a refreshing drink to kill that heat wave out there. It is time to try out the very tasty and delicious pineapple punch, a drink that will refresh you to the core.

Fruit punch was introduced in India, in the early 17th century and so travelled around the world, reaching United Kingdom where now you can find a different version of it. Punch is a term used to describe an assorted drink, which contain fruits or fruit juice and can be both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. So, if you are feeling hot already and wish to gulp down something super refreshing, here is Pineapple punch recipe that is sure to energize you.

Ingredients Card:

Ingredients                                     Quantity

Pineapple Juice                            2 cans

Carbonated drink                          1 bottle

Pineapple slices                           4-5


  • Always chill your juices in fridge before serving.
  • Adding too much ice will make it watery and ruin the taste so make sure to chill it before serving.


In a bowl take pineapple juice and put in the fridge to chill.

When it is time to serve, add sprite or carbonated drink of your choice, throw in the slices of pineapple and serve cold.

(Tip: You can used canned pineapple if fresh ones are not available)

(Tip: Add orange juice just to add the “oomph” to its taste)

Additional Information:

This punch drink can easily serve up to 3-4 people (unless you are very thirsty, than it’ll be good enough for 2 only!). This drink full of energy and extremely refreshing. The calorie count isn’t very high, though the addition of carbonated drink and fruit juice does make sugary and high in fats. But nonetheless, having it once in a while is surely A-Okay!

When preparing punch, you can add more fruits of your choice, making a variation to the actual recipe and enhancing the flavors. If you are having a pool party planned, get a huge bowl of the pineapple punch prepared for the guests and let them indulge in the serenity of it!

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