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Places to Visit in Pakistan

Pakistan is a country that has it all. From the high mountains of the Himalayas to the beautiful beaches of Gawadar.

Each and every province of this beautiful nation has an epic story to tell. There are literally a million places to visit in Pakistan and each one more magnificent than the other.


The Badshai Masjid

Lahore is the historical capital of Pakistan and is filled with remnants of the glorious Mughal Empire. The Badshai Masjid is one of the stunning structures that the Muslims of the subcontinent left behind. The grand mosque was built in Emperor Aurangzeb’s reign and is one of the most exquisite mosques in the world. It is constructed completely out of red sandstone and marble. Pakistan travel, is incomplete without a visit to Badshai Masjid.

Lahore Fort

The Lahore Fort is another striking marble of the subcontinent era. The Fort stands deep in the heart of Lahore and it spreads over more than 20 hectares. This beautiful structure was built in the 17th century when the Mughal Empire was at the peak of its opulence and splendor. After the Mughal Empire fell, the Fort was used as the residence of Ranjit Singh, who was the founder of the Sikh Empire. 

Faisal Mosque

The Faisal Mosque is situated in Islamabad and is the biggest mosque of South Asia. It is considered as the national mosque of Pakistan as one of the most beautiful, Pakistan destinations. The mosque was designed by a Turkish architect known as Vedat Dalokay who wanted the mosque to be hybrid of the Islamic and modern world. The structure of the mosque resembles an Arabic Desert Tent and is surrounded by four 90 meter tall minarets


Kund Malir Beach

This scenic beach is located in the province of Baluchistan and is a part of the Hingol National Park. It is thought to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and is staple in Pakistan tourism. The beach is about three hours from Gwadar and four hours away from Karachi.

Hannah Lake

The Hannah Lake is located near Quetta, its juts 18 km away from the city. It serves as a perfect escape of the locals and is a very pretty sight during the winter months. In the winter the Hannah Lake freezes over and looks absolutely breathtaking. It is one of those locations that adds glamour to beautiful Pakistan.

Jhal Magsi Desert Rally

The place is famous for its extremely thrilling desert safari and the yearly desert rally. The desert rally attracts large crowds and sponsors. Rally enthusiast from all over Pakistan come to take part in the competition. This place is defiantly one of the best places to visit in Pakistan.



This is the absolute destination for history buffs. Mohenjo-Daro provides an insight into the lives of the people of the Indus Valley Civilization. It is an archaeological site that dates back to 2500BC. Mohenjo-Daro became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 1980 and can be visited via public bus, private transport or weekly flights from the city of Karachi. The city was founded upon a well-organized grid plan and has an amazing water management system. The magnificent history behind this place makes it one of the top Pakistani destinations.

Kot Diji Fort

The Kot Diji Fort is located in the small town of Khairpur and is also known as Ahmadabad. It is one of the most glorious heritage sites in Sind and dates back to 1795. It is a relic of the Talpur Dynasty. The vastness and the grandeur of the fort makes us wonder what the people in the olden times were capable of. The sole enormousity of the beautiful fort can take anyone’s breath away.

Gilgit Balitistan

Hunza Valley

The Hunza Valley is one of the most popular destinations when it comes to Pakistan tourism. Looking at the scenic beauty of the valley makes us believe that we are in a fairytale. The glorious mountains and picturesque look makes Hunza an absolute Pakistani gem.

Deosai National Park

The Deosai National Park are the world’s second highest alpine plains. It covers an area of about 3000 km and it is only accessible in the summer months. The Deosai National Park is quite similar to the green windows XP wallpaper we are so used to. The park is well known for its rich fauna and flora and is covered with thousands of different kind of wild flowers. The Desoi National Park is the home of the Brown Bear which is still under threat.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Saiful Muluk

Saiful Muluk is a beautiful lake that is situated at the northern end of the Kaghan Valley. It is actually one the highest lakes in Pakistan. The lake is definitely one of the best places to visit in Pakistan. The lake attracts many visitors during the summer months as it freezes over in the winters.

Shandur Pass

Shandur Pass is a breathtaking plateau that is known as the Roof of the World. The Shandur Pass is popular for the polo matches that are conducted there. The Shandur Pass is located near the Shandur lake which is also quite striking. The polo matches held at Shandur are usually between the Chitral District and the Gilgit District. People from all over the world come to attend the Shandur Polo Festival and have a great effect on Pakistan tourism.

Azad Kashmir

Red Fort

The Red Fort is more commonly known as the Muzaffarabad Fort and was built by the Chak rulers of Kashmir in the late 16th century. The Red Fort is beautifully constructed and is surrounded by the river Neelum from three sides. The restoration of the fort is underway and it will soon be back to its original magnificence.

Neelum Valley

The Neelum Valley is one of Pakistan’s most beautiful marvels. It’s filled with gushing streams of water and lavish greenery paired with stunning lakes. It is definitely one of the top places to visit in Pakistan.

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