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Ramadan Thursday Diet Plan

Thursday diet plan for Ramadan would be much exciting for you. Thursday comes after three tiring working days in which you will eat a lot of healthy items so Thursday diet plan is going to be different and would have some of your favorite deep fried iftar and suhoor special snacks. However, there are going to be healthy items also in order to compensate for the not-so-healthy food that you will eat.


Here is your scrumptious Thursday diet plan with iftar special items;

1. Dates Dates are not to be missed in any of your iftar meal because of two reasons; It is Sunnah to break your fast with dates and it provides a lot of nutritional benefits along with instant and long-lasting energy. 23 calories/date.
2. Fried item This would be the best part of your Thursday diet plan. Today you are allowed to eat any of your favorite fried and iftar special items. But, don’t get overexcited and eat too much. 262 calories/Samosa. 75 calories/Pakora. 246 calories/100g fried chicken.
3. Fruit salad Usually known as “fruit chaat” in our homes. Fruits are extremely advantageous for our mental and physical health. So, don’t forget to eat your favorite fruit chaat and burn the fat that you just gained through fried items. 50 calories.
4. Nuts Essential fats and proteins are provided by nuts. Eat at least half-hand full of nuts. 60-80 calories.
5. Green tea A cup of green tea would be quite beneficial and helpful in compensating for the calories that you have gained and also in burning the fat. Calories free.


Snack meal for Thursday diet plan should be light and include;

1. Almond milk Exceptionally nutritious almond milk would be perfect for a healthy snack meal. It enriches and strengthen bones, rich in vitamin D and lowers the risk of heart diseases. 39 calories.
2. 2-3 squares of dark chocolate It is one of the best antioxidants and is loaded with a number of nutritional benefits. 140-170 calories.


The last meal for your Thursday diet plan includes;

1. Veggie omelette Vegetables and eggs both have all the basic and healthy nutrients that are required by your body to function actively throughout the day. Depends on the number of eggs. 72 calories/veggie omelette.
2. Beans A cup of boiled beans with a twist of steamed vegetables would be quite nutritious. Beans are a great source of protein, they reduce the risk of cancer, protect the heart and most importantly it controls appetite so it would be a perfect suhoor meal. 45 calories.
3. Pheni It is a kind of vermicelli which is served along with milk. It is the famous item of Suhoor meal and people love to eat it in Ramadan. It also reduces your appetite during fast. 170 calories/cup of pheni. 103 calories/cup of milk. 
4. Yogurt and water Just like iftar meal isn’t complete without date, your suhoor meal isn’t complete without a tablespoon of yogurt and two glasses of water. 59 calories/tablespoon of yogurt. One glass of water burns 12 calories.

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