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The temperature of Earth commonly depends upon the balance and amount of energy leaving and entering the Earth. When the Sun’s energy/heat enters the Earth, it makes it warm whereas, when the Sun’s energy/heat is not allowed to enter the Earth and is reflected back then Earth stays cool. there are a number of factors that might be responsible for the rising temperature of Earth such as;

  • The energy of the sun that enters Earth might be varying.
  • The ability of the Earth’s surface and atmosphere to reflect sunlight might have been changed.
  • Greenhouse effects might have been changed.

Some main causes of rising temperature of the Earth include;

1) The foremost reason for a notable change in Earth’s temperature is deforestation. This is because the trees are efficient in regulating the climate as they absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. We lose a great effect of the trees by cutting them down because the carbon that is stored in the trees is released in the atmosphere which adds to the greenhouse effect.

2) There are different types of gaseous that have heat-trapping abilities. These gases include; CO2, methane, and nitrous oxide gas. These gases contribute to the rising of Earth’s temperature.

3) Livestock farming also contributes to global warming as the sheep and cows produce and release a greater amount of methane gas when they digest their food. 

4) Nitrogen-containing fertilizers produce nitrous oxide that has adverse effects on the climate.

5) Fluorinated gases that are produced as a by-product of some reactions strongly affects the atmosphere. They create a warming effect greater than CO2 for about up to 23,000 times. However, these gases are released in lesser amount but still leaves its negative effect on the climate. 


There are so many things that you can do to prevent this climate change that is affecting the whole world such as;

1) Hundreds of people travel every day in their vehicles. These vehicles emit gases that add to the greenhouse effect and contribute to global warming. There are several ways through which you can reduce the vehicle emission for instance; use public transport to go for your work as it would reduce the use of the vehicle or ride a bicycle as it would not require any fuel to run and would also make your fit.

2) Planting plays an important role in making the environment healthy. Make sure you plant as many trees as you can so that the atmosphere stays fresh.

3) Try to save water as it helps in reducing carbon pollution because treatment of water also consumes a lot of energy that ultimately results in the release of carbon dioxide gas.

4) Using renewable energy is a great way to reduce pollution that contributes to climate change.

5) Educate yourself and also others about climate change and solutions through which global warming can be prevented. Doing so would do wonders in making your environment healthier and fresher.

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