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Saturday Diet Plan For Ramadan

Finally, the weekend is here, and you have a day off from your work. On Saturday you can pay attention to your diet more closely and prepare some healthy meals for yourself in order to stay healthy and fit throughout the blissful month and to shine on the day of Eid. Your Saturday diet plan is going to be as scrumptious and full of nutrients as the others are. Read further to find out more about your Saturday diet plan;


The healthy iftar meal of Saturday diet plan is;

1. Dates Incredibly healthy item and Sunnah too is dates. It boosts your brain, maintains body weight, reduces blood sugar levels and provides instant and long-lasting energy. Break your fast with 2 dates every day. 277 calories.
2. Cucumber lemon salad Cucumber is a very refreshing fruit that has vitamin C and K that has countless benefits. Whereas, lemon juice improves complexion, prevents cancer and stroke, cuts body fat and much more. 10-15/cucumber. 20-29 calories/lemon.    
3. Grilled chicken drumsticks 2-3 pieces of grilled chicken drumsticks would provide you with enough proteins, vitamins, and minerals that are required by a body. 194 calories/single chicken drumstick.
4. Mint Margarita A healthy and refreshing drink that would be perfect this boiling weather. It kills the infectious bacteria in our body, improves digestion and depression and is also healthy for the skin. A cup of mint margarita in your Saturday diet plan meal would be great. 76 calories.
5. Watermelon Eat a bowl of watermelon and enjoy its benefits such as; very hydrating, good for the heart and prevents cancer. Besides, it is full of all the healthy nutrients needed by our body. 70-80 calories.


You snack meal of Saturday diet plan is;

1. Green tea A cup of green tea in your snack meal would have a positive effect on your mental as well as on physical health. No calories.
2. Strawberries Great source of antioxidants, vitamin C and fibers and quite beneficial for health and for the skin. 2-3 strawberries would be perfect in your snack meal. 12-16 calories.


Very simple and easy Suhoor meal of your Saturday diet plan includes;

1. Boiled potatoes It contains vitamins and other necessary nutrients. It also helps in proper muscle and nerve functioning and also provides energy. Eat 2 boiled potatoes in your suhoor meal. 238 calories.
2. Egg One egg in any form either boiled or as an omelette is included in your suhoor meal. Eggs are extremely rich in proteins that are the necessity of our body. 155 calories.
3. Low fat lassi Lassi is loved by almost every Pakistani and has numerous health benefits as its main ingredients are milk and yogurt. Milk improves digestion, makes bones stronger, improves the immune system and skin and prevents bloating. Whereas, yogurt reduces thirst. 230 calories.
4. Water As you have already consumed yogurt through lassi, drink at least 2-3 glasses of water at the end of your suhoor meal. One glass of water burns 12 calories.

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