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Sunday Diet Plan For Ramadan

Sunday is the second day of the holiday when you find time free to pray and to pay attention to your diet more closely. Well, you will have a little free hand on your Sunday diet plan, or you could say it is another day for your favorite but not-so-healthy food to eat a day. So, let’s begin with your balanced Sunday diet plan;


You exciting and tasteful Sunday diet plan iftar meal is down below;

1. Dates Breaking another fast with the most healthy and powerful item i.e. the dates. Eat 2-3 dates in your iftar meal. 23 calories/date.
2. Fried item The best part of your Sunday diet plan is here. Eat any of your favorite fried items in iftar meal but don’t overeat it as you have other items in the list as well to compensate for it. 262 calories/Samosa. 75 calories/Pakora. 246 calories/100g fried chicken.
3. Vegetable salad Vegetables supply a good amount of fiber and other healthy nutrients that prevent cancer, lower risk of heart and eye diseases, control weight, strengthen bones and protect the heart. Eat a bowl of vegetable salad along with the fried items you eat in iftar. 25 calories.
4. Banana Full of vitamins, manganese and dietary fibers, banana is an incredibly healthy fruit which serves several benefits. Eat one banana in your iftar meal. 80-120 calories depending upon the size of the banana.
5. Green tea Its time to compensate for the calories you have gained and to burn them. So drink a cup of warm green tea at the end of your iftar meal. No calories.


Your delicious snack meal of Sunday snack meal is;

1. Chia Pudding Never underestimate chia seeds because of their size as they are extremely rich in healthy nutrients and has numerous health benefits. They are a source of omega 3 fatty acid, iron, antioxidants, fiber, and calcium. 190-230 calories.
2. Nuts Eat a handful of nuts in your snack meal and give your body essential fats and proteins.  60-80 calories.


Sunday diet plan has a scrumptious suhoor meal;

1. Oatmeal with bananas and strawberries Oatmeal is exceptionally healthy and is full of countless health benefits. It is rich in healthy nutrients such as; vitamins, fibers, and minerals. But, don’t eat it alone, add sliced bananas and strawberries in it and triple the benefits. It would be the healthiest meal of your whole Sunday diet plan. 292 calories.
2. Scrambled eggs They provide iron, vitamins, and proteins. Whereas, an egg has other numerous benefits also. Take 2-3 eggs, scramble them and enjoy the meal. 90-120 calories.
3. Milk Drink a large glass of milk in you suhoor meal as it is rich in calcium, proteins, vitamins and other chief nutrients that makes your bones and teeth stronger, prevents weight gain and improves muscle performance. 100-110 calories.
4. Yogurt and water End your suhoor meal with a tablespoon full of yogurt and 2 glasses of water. 59 calories/tablespoon of yogurt. One glass of water burns 12 calories.

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