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How Parents can groom their Children in the Summer Holidays

How Parents can groom their Children in the Summer Holidays

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Parenting is not an easy task. As much as you want your kid to grow in an intellect who is highly successful, making them sit in one place to complete homework becomes as hard as climbing up on Mount Everest. Children are said to be angelic but hidden behind those innocent faces are little devils that are extremely naughty and annoying. As parents, you do love your kids from the core of your heart and wish the best for them, but at times, these angels can turn into monsters and get on your nerves. Sending off them to school to gain best of knowledge and skills is what every thinks of, but believe it or not, these few hours are no less of a blessing for adults. This is why; school time may not be a fun time for every child but is definitely for the parents. Grooming kids during va...
PIAIC:Presidential  Initiative For Artificial Intelligence & Computing

PIAIC:Presidential Initiative For Artificial Intelligence & Computing

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President of Pakistan Dr Alvi recently launch an educational program in December 2018. The program is known as Presidential Initiative for Artificial Intelligence & computing (PIAIC). This program will bring a lot of business in Pakistan. According to experts this program is considered to be the 4th industrial revolution in Pakistan. The first headquarter is based in Karachi near PECHS. The government will soon develop other training centres in other parts of Pakistan. This program is designed for both experts and beginners. The eligibility criteria is based on the level of education without any age limit. Anyone who had completed his bachelors degree in any mean will be eligible to be enrolled for 1 year program after passing his entry exam. All the undergraduates are encourage t...