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The hole month of Ramadan comes along with a list of things that you should do and the things that should be avoided by every Muslim fasting around the globe. In order to spend your Ramadan without committing any sin either intentionally or unintentionally, there are certain things that you need to keep in your mind, so you control yourself from doing them. Things to avoid during Ramadan are;

1) Smoking

Smoking is quite injurious to health and is strictly prohibited especially during the month of Ramadan. There have been a number of debates over this issue which has led to a conclusion that smoking should be quitted by everyone from their daily life and especially when they are fasting as it would result in the breaking of the fast.

2) Sleeping too much

This is the most common thing done by everyone during the holy month of Ramadan. We all stay up till sehri and sleep after it till mid of the day. Sleeping is however not prohibited in Ramadan, it is allowed and preferred in a proper pattern. This is because Muslims should spend their day and night in reciting Quran and offering prayers.

3) Eating or drinking intentionally during fast

If the person could hold his thirst or hunger and break the fast intentionally then the fast becomes invalid and it is not forgivable at any cost whereas, if the person eats or drinks unintentionally or mistakenly, then the fast hasn’t been invalidated.

4) Eating a lot in iftar

People usually feel the urge to eat everything and as much as they can at the iftar time in order to compensate for the hours of their fast. Eating excessive should be avoided during Ramadan as it makes you lazy and is also not good for health.

5) Sexual activity

Any sort of sexual activity is strictly forbidden during fasting as it makes your fast invalid and you are subjected to pay kaffarah (compensation for breaking the fast) for it.

6) Excessive use of social media  

Ramadan is the month of blessing where you get the double reward for everything. But, people seem to spend a great number of hours scrolling their social media and wasting their time which they could spend in praying.

7) Backbiting or holding grudges

If you hold any grudge from anyone then you should tell them and restore good relations with them because if you keep the grudges and do their backbiting then it could invalidate your fast.

8) Being lazy all the time

Fasting doesn’t mean that you should stay in bed all day or not do anything just because you are fasting. It means to stay active while controlling your thirst and hunger for that sake of Allah Almighty. Being inactive or lazy in Ramadan should be avoided.

9) Leaving prayers

No fast is complete without the 5 times obligatory prayers. Make sure you don’t waste the time of your prayer and offer every prayer on time otherwise your fast would go waste. These are the simplest and basic things that every Muslim should know so that they avoid doing these things and make their Ramadan much peaceful.

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