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The holy month of Ramadan provides us a chance to recharge and refresh our faith (Imaan) for the whole upcoming year. There are countless small deeds including the obligatory ones that you could do in this blissful month of Ramadan and gather blessings of Allah Almighty. Below are described the things that you should do in Ramadan;

1) Don’t leave any Salat

Praying 5 times Salat a day is obligatory on every Muslim and no fast is complete without Salat. Make sure you complete your fast by not leaving any of them.

2) Recite the Holy Quran daily

There are some people who fail in including recitation of the Quran in their daily routine. The holy month of Ramadan provides a great opportunity to make the recitation of the Quran a part of your daily routine. You can easily complete the Holy Quran one time by the end of Ramadan Kareem if you read only one part (juz) of the Quran on a daily basis. For every single letter of Quran that has been read, 10 rewards are rewarded.

3) Give away extra charity

Muslims give away obligatory zakat in the month of Ramadan but apart from that, Muslims are also encouraged to give away some extra charities. Charity doesn’t only mean to donate money to the needy ones, it also includes donating your old belongings to the poor and those in need, giving people free iftar meal or being a helping hand of your parents in their work.

4) Pray Sunnah Prayers

The month of Ramadan is an amazing opportunity to gather blessings by praying the non-obligatory i.e. Sunnah prayers before and after the Salat. We should spend our time in Ibadah as much as possible so, take time out and offer Sunnah prayers before and after your obligatory (Farz) prayers. If you continue this for the whole month of Ramadan, it will become your habit and you would feel as if your Salat is incomplete without Sunnah prayers even after Ramadan.

5) Give away food outside Masjid

You can give away free meal boxes outside the masjid to those who are fasting but couldn’t afford iftar meal for themselves.

6) Spend time with your family

Take some time out of your busy schedule for your family and sit with them, talk to everyone, share your routine and listen to others. Small deeds of love and kindness result are greater rewards.

7) Visit your old relatives

Old people need their family around themselves the most. Make sure you visit your old relatives including your grandparents in Ramadan and be kind to them. You can also do one-day iftar with them, make them happy and collect their prayers.

8) Avoid unnecessary conversations

If anyone starts an unnecessary conversation with you then you should tell him that you are fasting. This is a great way to stay away from negative thoughts, keep your mind cleansed and stay positive.

These little things provide ultimate happiness and satisfaction to you. So, try to do these things as much as you can in this Holy month of Ramadan Kareem.

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