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Ramadan Tuesday Diet Plan

In Ramadan, meals should be divided into three parts i.e. iftar meal, snack meal, and suhoor meal. It is extremely important to take a balanced and healthy diet and track your calories even in the month of Ramadan so that you stay fit and active throughout the month and gather as many blessings as you can. Now don’t freak out that where would you find that perfect diet plan because we have got you covered so, read further to get Tuesday’s diet plan to follow in Ramadan;


Your Tuesday diet plan of Iftar meal includes;

1. Dates Muslims around the world follow Sunnah and break their fast with dates. Apart from Sunnah, dates are also helpful in restoring the sugar levels in the body. So, eat at least 2-3 dates in your iftar meal.   277 calories.
2. Water Drink a glass of water. It is needed to restore the salt levels in our body. A glass of water burns 12 calories.
3. Some protein Fish is a rich source of protein that provides us energy to let our body work efficiently. Make a bowl of fish soup or fry it in low oil and enjoy it in your iftar meal. 361 calories.
4. Vegetables Make stuffed bell peppers as one of your iftar dishes and enjoy the blend of scrumptious spices. However, you can pick up any vegetable of your choice and fill it with your favorite stuffing.   288 calories.
5. Nuts They are a source of essential fats and proteins that are needed by your body and the cells to function effectively. Eat a handful of nuts at the end of your iftar meal.   80-90 calories.


Snack meal should be light and precise so that you don’t feel extra full and can eat properly in suhoor time. Tuesday diet plan for snack meal includes;

1. Fruit smoothie Fruits are a source of carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals and because you didn’t eat fruits in iftar meal, so it is important to drink a fruit smoothie in snack meal so that you fulfill the nutritional requirements of your body. 67 calories.
2. Cookies or macarons As the snack meal has to be light, a fruit smoothie along with your favorite cookies or macarons would be a great combo. But, don’t consume more than 1 or 2 servings. 101 calories.


Your Tuesday diet plan for suhoor meal should be full of wholesome food that would provide you enough and long-lasting energy to carry out different activities throughout the day;

1. Oatmeal Oats boost your energy levels and provide strength to the bones. Oats are also a Sunnah meal which you should take at least thrice a week as it is extremely beneficial for the whole body. 425 calories.
2. Boiled eggs Eggs also provide energy and make you feel full for the rest of the day until iftar. 156 calories.
3. Yogurt Yogurt reduces your thirst so it is pretty helpful to eat a tablespoon full of yogurt so that you can work actively the whole day without feeling thirsty. 59 calories.
4. Water Suhoor meal wouldn’t be complete without water so make sure you drink 2-2 ½ glass of water.   One glass of water burns 12 calories.

This is an easy-to-follow Tuesday diet plan for the month of Ramadan if you are looking forward to stay fit and healthy during the holy month.

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