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The Race for Semis in UCL

The stage for UEFA Champions League quarter finals first leg was set on the fine evenings of the midweek across Europe and the fans enjoyed it thoroughly.
The first contest was an all English Quarter Final where Tottenham Spurs took on Manchester City. The match between the two top English sides lived up to its expectations, and was one of the best UCL games this season. Early on in the game an opening allowed City to attack, Aguero took a shot which hit Dany Rose on his hand inside the box. A penalty was awarded to Manchester City for this offense and Aguero stepped up to take the penalty but Lloris on the other hand saved it. Later on in the second half a brilliant run of play saw Son Heung Min score an amazing goal and give the home side a one goal lead which remained till the final whistle.

In another stadium in England, FC Porto visited Liverpool at Anfield. Liverpool once again were breathing fire at their home and rattled Porto, with scoring inside 5 minutes when Naby Keita’s shot took a deflection and gave reds the upper hand. Porto tried hard but Liverpool found a way to score again when Trent Alexander Arnold played a low cross to Roberto Firmino in the middle of the box and he calmly sent the ball inside an open net. The second half kicked off and Porto looked more composed at the back not allowing Liverpool to score anymore and the game ended 2-0 in favor of the Reds.

The 2nd match day saw Juventus paying visit to the AFC Ajax in the quarter final clash. Although the tie looked in favor of the Italian side, but Ajax at their home were resilient and strong. Juventus had a hard time going forward but Cristiano Ronaldo always finds a way to score in big games and he did this time as well. In the 45th minute a beautiful dinking cross by Cancelo met Ronaldo’s wonderful header and the ball swayed inside the net giving Juventus the lead. In the first minute of 2nd Half Neres’ solo effort paid off well and a curling shot into the top right corner brought Ajax equal on the score line. The tug of war continued but there were no more goals until the final whistle as the game concluded 1-1.

The mighty Barcelona travelled to the theatre of dreams to see Manchester United in the UCL game. The match kicked off and Barcelona took the early lead when Luke Shaw’s deflection ended up as an own goal. Barcelona looked rusty with Manchester United dominating the midfield area but Barcelona held onto their lead until half time. In the second half United started off well again with strong defense but their forwards didn’t contribute with the game ending 0-1.

After the 1st matchday at UCL quarter final none of the sides appear to be in pole position to qualify and the 2nd legs will be exciting for the fans and players alike.  

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